Summer 2009
Panzer Digest #7 (Summer 2009) is the first issue of the new 2009-10 Yearly Series.  This 44-page edition was released in July, and contains THREE SOLITAIRE WARGAMES in addition to wargame articles, variants, and reviews.

CORONEL & FALKLANDS is a tactical game covering the two naval battles off South America in late 1914 between British and German ships. The game uses a modified SALVO! game system, and comes complete with full rules and 44 counters.

OCCUPATION OF THE RHINELAND is an abstract strategy game dealing with the German militarization of the Rhineland in the Spring of 1936--and France's response--and comes with a small map, 21 counters, and rules.

REMAGEN BRIDGEHEAD is a hexagon wargame based on the US bridgehead over the Rhine, March 1945.  It comes with a small map, 63 counters, Reference Card, and rules.

Wargame articles include variants for SPI's CRIMEA QUAD and Avalon Hill's FIREPOWER, game reviews of Columbia's TEXAS GLORY, Decision's DRIVE ON KURSK, and GREATER EAST ASIA WAR, Academy's AWAKENING THE BEAR, plus a survey of 1945 East Front WW2 Wargames, a small set of color variant counters for BATTLE OF THE ALMA (SPI & S&T), and more.

This issue is chock full of games and gaming material of interest to historical players... with a special emphasis on solitaire play.  Our games emphasize playability and historicity, and come complete with maps, unmounted color counters, and full rules.

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copies of #7 on the collation pile
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